Nicky Buttigieg

Nicky Buttigieg

Software Engineer


Curiosity will always be the driving force behind my desire to explore and learn. I am currently working as a Software Engineer (Python/Java) with Phalanx Software - an early startup building bespoke software for the gaming and financial industry.

I hold an MSc in Advanced Computer Science at The University of Manchester, specialising in artificial intelligence, as well as a BSc in Information Technology (Software Development) from The University of Malta. Always eager to take on new challenges, I find the process of attempting to understand the complexities of the universe we live in—even if it really is a simulation—thrilling and fulfilling.

This website showcases my experience and allows me to share things that spark my interest; ranging from scientific publications and technical guides to books and podcasts.


  • Machine/Deep/Reinforcement Learning
  • Scientific Computing
  • Software Engineering
  • Improving productivity through automation
  • The Human Brain & Body
  • Space Exploration
  • Animation


  • MSc in Advanced Computer Science (AI), 2019

    The University of Manchester

  • BSc in Information Technology (Software Development), 2018

    The University of Malta

Latest Posts

From my blog

Off the Bookshelf #1

A series of blog posts in which I share the books I have recently been reading.

Text Mining and Neuroscience

Examining the fundamental barriers and challenges in text mining for neuroscience and some current state-of-the-art resources.

Automate your Vocabulary List with Google Assistant

This how-to post will guide you through automating the process of adding words or phrases to a spreadsheet (Google Sheets) and pulling in its Oxford Dictionary definition. IFTTT will be used to create a custom Google Assistant action.



Comparison of Over-Sampling and Under-Sampling Techniques on Imbalanced Medical Datasets.

Investigating SMOTE and Tomek Links as sampling techniques for improving prediction accuracy on five imbalanced medical datasets.


A side project with a friend to build an eSports coaching platform and make coaching accessible to both players and coaches.

A Tool for Constructing and Visualising Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Functions

BSc dissertation: Framework, viewer and modified open-source render engine for working with light reflection models.

Spiking Grid Cell Model

MSc dissertation: Investigate mechanisms capable of exhibiting spatially periodic firing patterns analogous to grid cell representations, designing and implementing a spiking neuron model to run on the SpiNNaker neuromorphic platform.

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